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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Date - Saturday October 15, 2016                                                                                                             Time – 12:00 noon-1:00 pm Pacific Standard Time                                                                                    Place –
SPECIAL GUEST – Challamar Rayne. My Friend and Colleague                                                            \I was very pleased to have Challamar as my guest on my show and I know you will find the show very interesting and informative. She has a great deal of wonderful health information and knowledge which she freely shares on air. Challamar Rayne of Ultimate Products for Life has naturally fallen into conscious living for more than 30 years and for the past 10 years Challamar has included tools and technologies that have a huge impact on the innate strength and vitality of the human body. 
One of these technologies is the iMRS, a pulsing electro-magnetic resonance device that balances, activates and stimulates rapid healthy cell division. She likes to share her empowering knowledge with others. Challamar developed a Centre for Cellular Regeneration in White Rock, British Columbia 6 years ago and offers sessions on this remarkable PEMF technology. She loves being a natural wellness consultant, and rejuvenation coach, and she loves the iMRS technology. Email: challamar@shaw. Toll-free: 1 (855) 541-6111
Cellphone: 778 552 2286 
I am looking forward to seeing you there! 
Blessings, Dr. Anne Marie

Monday, October 10, 2016



TODAY, as we know, we are celebrating Thanksgiving and giving thanks for all our blessings that we have received; the ones that we are receiving; and the ones that we are about to receive. I wish to say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you," for my wonderful and many blessings.

First of all for the blessing of being here on Planet Earth at this time; and for all the love, support and caring that I received --- and still am receiving from so many people during my health/grief challenge.I want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers and affirmations; many uplifting & loving emails, messages on the media, phone calls, faxes, letters, blog wishes and personal visits.I wish to thank all my ‘Facebook Friends’ and other Media Friends; my listeners to the Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show (for the past 10 years on and ALL others.

So, today, the official day of giving thanks -----as I close my eyes in prayer and thankfulness I affirm, visualize and send out messages and thoughts of health, love, joy, happiness, protection, prosperity and peace of mind to each and every one of you. I am so thankful and blessed to have you all in my life!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Love and Many, Many Blessings to YOU and YOURS!
Anne Marie

Dear Friends
I was thinking about people that believed in imagination and the most powerful force in the Universe and Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich and others came to mind. I remember reading that he said "Imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivable powerful force the world has ever known." It was interesting to read that Mr. Hill was an adviser to two U.S. Presidents and was commissioned by the great and wealthy Andrew Carnegie to teach people like you and I how to make our dreams come true. He has received thanks from many of the greatest people worldwide for many successes that he helped  them achieve. And I read that people like F.W. Woolworth (founder of Woolworth's); Woodrow Wilson, (former U.S. President); George Eastman (founder of Kodak) and many others used his teachings successfully to manifest their dreams/affirmations.This same power and process is available to each and every one of us TODAY! Think of the many people who started their lives with nothing and in spite of that, they built huge empires.Why do you think that happened? I think it happened because they had a dream, (affirmation), blew breath into that dream or affirmation and took the appropriate action to make it a reality.                       

AND I was just thinking that my latest book, 70 Ways to Cope with Chemo and/or Other Medical Treatments  . .  .The information in this book was just thoughts and ideas in my mind. I could have left them there as they were; let them slip into the filing cabinets or my mind; OR I could put them into order and write a book, which I did while taking chemotherapy. Now I gift these books to the people in my Chemo Classes, people taking chemo or undergoing medical treatments. I give monthly lectures at Evergreen House Board Room, a part of Lions Gate Hospital the last Friday of every month and have been doing so for over two years now.. So instead of leaving my thoughts, ideas and Affirmation Life Tools that helped me so much personally tucked away in my mind, I am now sharing them with people worldwide with wonderful results. This is 'My blowing breath into my Affirmation,' and bringing my thoughts, ideas, Affirmation Tools into Reality!

Let us talk about how thoughts actually work. I think the process goes like this . . . .What is the greatest power that has ever been discovered? Nuclear energy? The power of wealth or fame? I believe it is the power of thoughts and mind. Thought is creative and it is the first and most crucial stage in the development of any new idea, invention, business, or other venture that becomes reality.

Thoughts are living things. When thoughts are held in the mind, they form a life of their own and attract others similar thoughts. Just imagine-----that comfortable chair that you are sitting in was first a thought in some one's mind and that person took it to creation---that chair became a reality!

We cannot afford the luxury of one negative thought. Thoughts are very powerful. Even your smallest, most insignificant thoughts are important and they are influencing everyone and everything around you. Having thoughts actually create new brain cells, causing a physical and chemical change in the mind. Through  thought, your mind can be programmed at will----and reprogrammed as frequently as required.These most powerful and transformative tools, which at our disposal, need to be used wisely if we are to create what we want out of life. Each thought seeks it own kind. Like always attracts like  .  . .  Think about success and you attract successful people.

You are a great and powerful 'thought- magnet,' whether you like it or not. Mental, currents are just as real as circuits of magnetism and circuits of electricity. Each kind of thought has its own rate, degree and character of motion. You attract your own kind of thought-wave to you and you repel your opposite. Your concentrated thought, when accompanied by a matching, clear, colorful, mental picture filled with feeling, and belief always makes an impression upon the subconscious mind and it, in turn, sends this impression to the Universal Mind,  which always responds.

Think about what you think about and concentrate upon. Also think how powerful each and every word is that you speak is and how these words affect others--either negatively or positively. Remember we create with every thought we think and every word we speak!
Happy Creating!

With Love and Many Blessings
Anne Marie

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sending and Receiving of thoughts - - messages without word or telepathy. Thought passes from mind to mind through the great electronic sea around us. It is an electrical  movement originating in the brain and vibrating the ether. Thought is not only a dynamic force, bit it is a real thing as real as any material object. We cannot smell or taste a thought as we cannot smell or taste pure air. Thought sends out vibrations as light and heat, but they are of higher intensity.Thoughts may be  projected instantly regardless of time or space. The inborn ability of each and every one of us to do this is like a Mental Telephone or Thought Wave Sender. What kind and type of thought are you sending out? If you do not like what you discover, you and only you, have the power to change those thoughts (after all you created them in the first place!)

Love and Blessings
Anne Marie

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I had a question about money and how to increase and improve money consciousness. I looked back at some of my earlier books, writings, etc. on money and I would like to share just a couple of ideas that worked for me in the past and for other readers. (hmmm I think I will put some of them into practice myself!)

With these ideas you really need to have huge doses of faith and expectancy and to live in an attitude of gratitude for your blessings and gifts. Being thankful in advance is very powerful. I believe it obligates the planet for more and opens the flood gates of Heaven for even more blessings.

1. When you are waiting for someone at a coffee shop, etc. spend your time waiting . . . doodling Dollar ($$$) Signs. This way you are focusing on something positive and not 'fuming' about the person being late. Put love, faith and expectancy into every Dollar Sign you scribble on that paper.
2.Take your current bank statement and photocopy it. Then white out the amount printed there and put in the amount you wish to see there. This gives your subconscious mind an exact figure upon which to focus on and make it a reality in your life.

3. Place some paper money under your pillow with a note thanking it for multiplying 10 or 100 fold. Be certain it is an amount that your mind can and will believe and make it happen.Always remember to use the Safety Clause, 'to the good of all parties concerned,' and this of course includes you.

Have fun and please let me know what happens for you when using these simple, ideas and concepts.
Love and Blessings
Anne Marie

Tuesday, August 02, 2016


DATE:     Saturday, August 6, 2016 
TIME:      12:00 noon-1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

SPECIAL GUEST: Kornelia Stephanie.
Kornelia lives in La Conner, Washington and she has just written her book 'PEACE' the Flip Side to Anger. She is an Intuitive Mystic; Passionate Speaker; Powerful Living Coach; Creator of  Universal Wholeness Coaching Program and more. She has successfully facilitated 8 Divine Retreats in La Conner during the past 4 years. She is also Founder of 'Empower' Network and is known as a Transformer, a Lighting Rod with Laser Beam Focus taking full responsibly for everything in her life and empowering others to do the same. Transformation and radical change are hallmarks for yourself and others. She shines her light brightly as a courageous example of self-love; fearless compassion; and leadership.
She shares important information  about  many things including --'The 3 Top Ways for Creating Inner Peace and claiming your power in the Midst of Turmoil; The 21 Day Pace Practice and much more. I found Kornelia to be a very interesting, informative and delightful guest. We share much of the same interests, concepts and beliefs in our combined work. Please check out her website @ and email her at
Affirmation Blessings,
Anne Marie

Sunday, July 31, 2016


FOOD FOR THOUGHT - Spend each day wisely and decide to finish tasks (or . . not); start something new (or . . take a break); reflect on your past and congratulate yourself on how far you have come. It could be time to close your eyes and visualize stepping into the future. Contemplate and plan how to take your fondest dreams and make them reality in your life . . . and when all is said and done - - - - Perhaps TODAY . . you wish to just have FUN! As my friend Jack said, "When we start doing something it is in the present, (like writing this message) and now it has already slipped into the past and what we have left is the present and the future which is filled with wondrous possibilities, challenges and opportunities." It is up to us to decide HOW we spend our precious moments. Many Affirmation Blessings! Dr. Anne Marie Evers

Thursday, July 28, 2016


I was speaking with a client this morning and she asked me what my belief was about giving and receiving. So I thought about it and here is my interpretation of unconditional giving-- - - When we give unconditionally, without any thought of receiving, the seeds of love, which we planted will blossom with a harvest of their OWN KIND. Any thoughts on that? 

Also I decided today that I am giving grateful thanks for all the blessings I have received; the ones I am receiving; and the ones that I am about to receive.  When I started writing this it was in the present, and now it has slipped into the past and what we all have is the present and future which is filled with wondrous opportunities, challenges and life itself. 

I would love to hear from you. Please email me at 

With love and Affirmation Blessings
Anne Marie


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