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Passport 2000+ Newsletter: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Affirmations

Friday, February 10, 2017

  GUEST: James Cloughley ...
  TIME:   12:00 noon Pacific Standard Time
  DATE:   Saturday, February 11, 2017
  SHOW   The Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show

SUBJECT: Fatherless Sons and Daughters & FTP Forward Thinking Program – Part One
I am very pleased to welcome Jim Cloughley back as my guest. He has been my guest several times and on this Show. We spoke on the subject of Fatherless kids and how we can help make things better for them. Also Jim spoke briefly about the FTP (Forward Thinking Program – Part l) that he is working on with a Retired Teacher of 43 years, Dr. Gary Page PhD. This subject was so interesting that we ran out of time so I booked him for the Second show airing on March 11, 2017 speaking on the FTP


Saturday, December 24, 2016

                                        CHRISTMAS PUNCH

    C - COURAGE - Develop and use                                                                               H - HELP - People who need help and those who ask for your help;                         R - RECOGNIZE - And appreciate differences in others;                                           I - INTEREST - Take a real and sincere interest in others;
    S - SIMPLE - Keep it simple;                                                                                       T - Everyone with love, dignity and respect;
    M - MERRY  - Make your Holidays Merry and Happy; 
    A - APPRECIATE  - Every day, people, gifts and everything;
    S -  SMILE  - My meaning for it is . . . . .                                                                            . . . .  S-Simple; M- Message; I - I; L-Love; E-Everyone!

    P -  PEACE Make Peace wherever you can;
    U – UNITING - People of the world in a prayerful, uplifting way;
    N - NOW - Live in the now (only time we really have);
    C - CHANGE - Be ready for positive, uplifting changes;
    H - HAPPINESS - Spread happiness wherever you go!

    I sincerely hope you enjoy my CHRISTMAS PUNCH!
    Love and Blessings
    Dr. Anne Marie

Friday, December 23, 2016

             Christmas and New Year Message for 2017

Dear Friends
Blessings from Heaven like gently, falling, warm rain are showering blessings all around you and on you. Leave that 'over-used' umbrella of FEAR and anxiety at home and enjoy walking in the warmth and comfort of the softly falling rain The Universe is honoring you and your loving, helpful nature to all of God's creations. You are weaving out a beautiful tapestry of Unconditional Love and Caring for self, which extends to everyone you meet!   Congratulations!

Let us all remember to live every day to the fullest and live in an attitude of gratitude for the blessings we have received; the ones we are receiving; and the ones that we are about to receive. Watch the thoughts you are thinking and the words you are speaking. Thoughts and Words are very powerful and we create with every thought we think and every word we speak!

I wish to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Safe and Happy Christmas Season and a Healthy, Happy, joyous, Loving, Peaceful and Prosperous-----New Year 2017! 

With Love and Caring  
Dr. Anne Marie

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Step 1 - Clear your Mind
Step 2- Search
Step 3- Decide
Step 4- Ask
Step 5 - Creatively Visualize
Step 6 - Accept & Receive
Step 7 - Say "thank you, thank you, thank you," and enjoy your creation

STEP ONE - Clear your mind and take 3 deep breaths. On the OUT breath, breathe out fear, doubt and any form of negativity Take 3 more and On the IN breath, breathe in health, peace, joy, love, prosperity and happiness.

STEP TWO - Search in the files of your mind. and ask yourself, "Is
this really my voice? Is this really what I want at this time in my life?" After you ask these questions, stop for a moment or two before answering and reflect upon them. Are you ready to accept those wonderful gifts? If so, put your order in to the Universe.

STEP THREE - Make a decision and stick with it. When you make a decision and stick with it, you release a great deal of intuitive and powerful energy. Decide that this what you really want with all your heart and then accept and receive these priceless gifts.

STEP FOUR - Ask with faith believing that your affirmation is manifesting as affirmed. Create your Master Affirmation, (Your Order to the Universe), saying exactly what you want. Be very specific. Now you know your order has been received and all you need do is wait for the delivery.

STEP FIVE - Creatively Visualize the manifestation of your request, bringing in your 5 physical senses See, Hear, Feel, Smell and Taste.

STEP SIX - Accept and receive in joy, anticipation and excitement. Take Delivery Now!

STEP SEVEN - Say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you," and enjoy your creation.

Many Holiday Blessings everyone.
Love Dr. Anne Marie Evers

Thursday, November 17, 2016

SHOW    Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show
DATE      SATURDAY, November 19th, 2016
TIME       12:00 Noon Pacific Standard Time

SPECIAL GUEST      Dr. Marylene Kyriazis
I had the great pleasure of having Dr. Marylene Kyriazis as my Special Guest. Dr. Kyriazis and Dr. Paul Sugar  are the founders of the Paul Sugar Palliative Support Foundation, 3743 Delbrook Avenue, North Vancouver, B.C. Canada  and their telephone number is 778-729-1555.
The Paul Sugar Palliative Support Foundation was established to provide support and assistance to those individuals living with an advanced illness as well as to their families and other caregivers.
The goal of the foundation is to make the time available to terminally ill patients more comfortable and meaningful by providing support and the ability to connect with loved ones in situations where it would not be possible. The support includes companionship and emotional support through illness, grief and bereavement. Assistance for those in financial need may be in the form of transportation expenses, medical supplies, equipment, nursing and home help.
Dr. Marylene shares their vision of values - Appreciation of uniqueness of each individual, compassion, integrity, respect and humanity.
I have experienced first hand the wonderful love, support and caring they have given me in the recent death of my dear niece, Joanne and know how much it helped me. Please mark the date and time of the show on your calendar and check out www,

See you there!
Anne Marie

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

DATE       SATURDAY, November 12, 2016
TIME       12:00 noon Pacific Standard Time

Susan’s mission is to help others with health issues through the Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essentials Oils and the teachings of Dr. Gary Young.  Recently she is sharing the Native American Healing Remedy, ‘Two Feathers Healing Formula’ after her life was saved by using this formula when she was diagnosed with cancer. She shares her healing journey through her book Ha I Laugh in the Face of Cancer. Her brother former L.A. Lakers Owner, Jerry Buss also had cancer and chose conventional treatments, his suffering and untimely death, inspired Susan to write her book in his honor. Susan lives and plays in Phoenix, AZ.   

I found Susan a very interesting, informative and knowledgeable guest and I was very inspired by her story. The goal of her book Ha, I Laugh in the Face of Cancer is to provide simple solutions for complex problems. Some of Susan’s solutions are---taking responsibility for your own healing from Cancer, as well as many other diseases and removing the decision making from Medical Doctors to your own Great God Self! You are the determiner of your fate. You will decide the Set of your Sails and the destination that will Chart your ship, because you are the Captain of your Ship and the only Decision Maker in your Universe! Check out her website Her book, Ha, I Laugh in the Face of Cancer is also available through Amazon, both soft cover and Kindle Ebook version.
Please mark this  date, time and place on your calendar!
 See you there!  Many Affirmation Blessings
Dr. Anne Marie Evers

Friday, November 04, 2016

                                   THE LIGHTHOUSE 'LIGHT' - That We Create!
I was honored to visit the Lighthouse at Point Atkinson, West Vancouver, BC several years ago.

I was most impressed when I reached the top of the winding stairs of the Lighthouse. In this room I remember seeing many huge magnifying (glasses) lights, etc. that took the light and magnified it by what I thought was thousands of times. I watched as this light shone out onto the water - guiding ships and people to safety and thought to myself – This light was not the least bit affected by storms, wind, hurricanes, rain, thunder earthquakes, etc. because it was of a different frequency.

In a lighthouse the source of light is called the Lamp (whether electric or fueled by oil), and the concentration of the light is by the Lens or Optic originally lit by open fires and later candles. The Argand hollow wick lamp and parabolic reflector were introduced in the late 18th century. Whale oil was also used with wicks as the source of light. Kerosene became popular in the 1870’s and electricity and carbide (acetylene gas) began replacing kerosene around the turn of the 20th century. Carbide was promoted by the Dalen light which automatically lit the lamp at nightfall land extinguished it at dawn. A lighthouse light is a concentrated beam, focused by special lenses. Because of its highly increased intensity, this beam of light can travel a very long distance.

NIGHTLY GROUP AFFIRMATION PRAYER                                                                               
Our Nightly Affirmation Group Prayer consists of those of a high intensity and intention to help others. Our light that shines out is of a different frequency, one of love and guidance that can never be destroyed. I believe that our prayers stay in the ether in all parts of the world, helping those who are ready for guidance and those who may tune into the light of love, peace joy, healing and health as required.
We vibrate this light at the highest rate of 'Love and Healing'  vibration. It consists of Love and our prayers, wishes and how is that everyone, who desires is helped and guided into the safe waters of health, healing, peace, joy and happiness. As Light Workers or God’s Children, we hold the energy of the lighthouse sending out strong and powerful beams of love, light, peace, joy health and happiness to everyone in the world. We have the opportunity and ability to shine our light and guide the way and we use it now to the highest good of all parties concerned. We have traveled though uncertain and difficult situations and various challenges and we are keeping our trust and faith and now sharing with anyone who wishes to join us.

BEFORE SAYING THE 'NIGHTLY GROUP AFFIRMATION PRAYER'                                    Just before I say the following Nightly Group Affirmation Prayer, I find a comfortable place to sit; where I will not be disturbed. I close my eyes, clear my mind of the day’s challenges and worries and negativity and say with great feeling, faith and expectancy this prayer.

I then visualize a golden spacious elevator in my mind and I step into it and it takes me to the top of my Lighthouse (which is located in the top of my head). There, in my mind, I find the most comfortable chair, sit down and I visualize placing the Nightly Group Affirmation Prayer under the most powerful magnifying glass in the room.

Then I ask the energy of that magnifying glass to be multiplied thousands of times. Then with my eyes closed I say the following words and visualize them clearly in my mind going out into every corner of the world. It is also our intention that those who wish to reach out and ask that prayer to help comfort and heal to stay here in every part of the world for anyone who wishes to reach out and ask for help at any given time. We affirm that this prayer is to the highest good of all. Thank you, thank you. We jointly and severally invite anyone , anywhere in the world, to join in, in their minds, and say this prayer with us every, single night at 11:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. At times I join in via telephone to people in all parts of the world.

Dear Father/God/Creator, Higher Self, Universal Mind or whomever you believe in:
We now join in, in our minds, with Dr. Evers and her Nightly Group Affirmation Prayer and we affirm as follows:

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the blessings that we have received; the ones that we are receiving and the ones that we are about to receive. Also thank you for the ones that don’t seem like blessings and help us learn from the lessons offered from each and every one of them.

We affirm for Divine Wisdom and Divine Order to our World Leaders; Peace in the World; Healing, Love and Respect to Mother Earth; Cures for cancer, aids and all disease; Healing and protection for our men and women in the armed forces both here and overseas and love, healing and help to all those who may be suffering from wars, world disasters, starvation, worry, grief, pain, anxiety, medical challenges and we  ask that they receive love, healing and financial aid to rebuild wherever possible. We now ask that a White Light (Dome of Protection) and healing for ourselves and our loved ones . . .  our families, friends and everyone that has ever touched our lives and to those who are searching for hope, help, peace and healing.

Now we add any special prayer request for healing and name the person and condition

                         ________________________________________________________ .

After that we end our prayer with, “We now join in, in our minds, with anyone, anywhere in the world, who is at this very moment thinking thoughts of peace, love, joy, health and happiness and we jointly and severally send these thoughts into every corner of the world."

Amen and so it is
Make it your commitment right here and right now to join in every evening and feel and experience the awesome and wondrous power of comfort, joy,healing and peace that passes all understanding.
It only take a few minutes every night and makes such a great, positive and happy, healthy difference in your life. Do it and please let me; know what happens for you.

If you cannot join in at exactly 11;00 p.m. just say the prayer and send it to 11:00 p.m.PST and if it is not possible to say it at 11:00 and it is later do the same process and send it back. It is very important for us all to be present at the same time, (whether physically or spiritually) affirming to the highest good of all.

Please join in, in your minds and pray with us now!

Love and Blessings
Dr. Anne Marie